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I'm HOL 

Who am I

HOL is a young singer, songwriter and producer who has been building her career over the past 4 years. She was born in Athens Greece to English parents and grew up on the island of Kefalonia, spending part of her time in Blackpool UK. She released her first EP Cloud 9 in December 2018 and began performing live with her first festival at Highest Point Williamson Park Lancaster on the BBC Introducing stage after being championed by presenter Sean McGinty. After performing in a variety of venues around Europe, HOL was invited by an established producer to produce her last track of 2019 in his studio in Normandy France. This led to the release of ‘Love You Hate You’, which was picked up by both Sean McGinty and Charlie Ashcroft (Amazing Radio). She continued releasing songs throughout 2019 and 2020, culminating in the release of her first studio album ‘The Chapters’ in early 2021. The Chapters was a novel concept of chapter with two tracks almost like a book, combining 10 songs into 5 chapters. The album was well received and HOL then went on to diverse even further with her music creating a much more rock vibe with ‘bones’ and ‘Intoxicated Dreamin’ both in the style of Alternative Pop/rock. She garnered a large following after supporting The Wendy James Band in August 2021 and the story continues …………………

Listen here to my latest single 

IntoxicatedDreamin - clipHOL
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"With its insightful lyrics and truly memorable, catchy chorus, ‘The Girl I Used to Be’ is both a enjoyable and resoundingly melancholy new release from 17-year-old UK singer-songwriter HOL." Kieran Rogers - Clout

"A conceptual track exploring the issue of addiction, ‘Intoxicated Dreamin’ carries the listener along with the protagonist from enjoyable highs to desperate lows. Poetic lyricism executed in a personal narrative makes the single rather intense; however, it is the “auditory depiction of the addict in his last moments” that enhance its poignant intimacy. HOL explains that attempts to “…tackle how dangerous and fatal addiction can be” using sophisticated arrangements and meaningful words." Nicole Mendes - The Other Side Reviews

"There is an openness and maturity in her songs which will speak to many. Highlighted here on the searching yet catchy and upbeat 21st Century Teen." Iain Key - Louder Than War



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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