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'Intoxicated Dreamin' continues with the change of pace of HOLs new pop/rock style

In all stores from October 15th


Intoxicated Dreamin by HOL - DistroKid


Intoxicated Dreamin by HOL

About 'Intoxicated Dreamin'
This song takes you on the journey of an addict. In the beginning his addiction is like a dream, and he ‘confesses he doesn’t want to leave’ or stop. As the song progresses, like in life, his addiction becomes less fun and more dangerous and he starts to desire to get back to where he was before his addiction became a ‘nightmare’. The final solo is a auditory depiction of the addict trying in his last moments to get back to where he once was, the piercing sounds mimicking that of panic and worry. The song tries to tackle how dangerous and fatal addiction can be.
Pop rockAlternative

We are looking for exposure for HOL and the new track release 'Intoxicated Dreamin' 

For further information contact Frances Findlay
Tel: 07740265721

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